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Help brokers gain transparency on use of their important asset – the data – while ensuring they’re compensated for the value they bring.

Revenue back in your pocket

REdistribrute is a collaborative venture developed by a nationwide network of multiple listing services. With the aim of simplifying licensing and ensuring brokers are compensated at fair market value, REdistribute collects listing data, distributes it to those who license it, and returns revenue to participating brokers.

MLS and broker benefits

The REdistribute data platform is built by MLSs for brokers—thereby solving many of the key problems in today’s real estate data licensing space. REdistribute provides transparency in how much data an MLS provides, the respective value of that data, and an overview of how and where that data is being sold.

The REdistribute platform provides a single point of consolidation for some of the most valuable data in the world, giving data consumers access to pristine real estate datasets, while ensuring the brokers who create, maintain, and own the data are compensated for its use at a fair market value.

Partnership and investment opportunities

REdistribute is pleased to invite interested brokers and MLSs to join us in the important endeavor of ensuring brokers receive fair compensation for the value they bring.

For more information, please contact

Allison Duggins
Allison Duggins Director of MLS Relations and Business Development

Allison serves as the Director of MLS Relations and Business Development and has over 20 years of experience in the MLS industry. Allison will be responsible for growing the MLS data coverage for REdistribute, and more importantly helping MLS participants to realize the value of their MLS content through a partnership with REdistribute. Allison will also serve as a liaison to MLS organizations, helping to ensure maximum transparency about how and where MLS content is being licensed by REdistribute.


Getting started

Once the license agreement is signed, REdistribute’s welcome package facilitates a simple onboarding process.