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Reliable property data to power business insights

REdistribute brings you the freshest real estate data

Fresher and faster

Updated daily with data sourced directly from MLSs

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Expanding coverage

Network with growing coverage in the US market

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Data integrity

Exceeding industry standards on accuracy and integrity

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Rapidly expanding coverage nationwide

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Coverage areas include:

  • Alabama Coming Soon
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Louisiana Coming Soon
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • North Carolina Coming Soon
  • Maryland
  • Minnesota Coming Soon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Tennessee Coming Soon
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Wisconsin Coming Soon
  • Virginia

Benefits of REdistribute Data

Fresher and faster

REdistribute sources its data directly from its extensive MLS network, which prevents data mishandling, modification and data loss. With regularly updated data available via an API, businesses can be confident that they’re using the freshest data to drive decisions and insights.

Standardized data format

With REdistribute’s modern document schema, businesses have access to coverage on core data fields, as well as those that are unique to specific regions. Its document structure eliminates the need to connect multiple data sources, providing all data related to a listing in a single view.

REdistribute simplifies integration with other standardized data sets by including additional fields that align to national and global standards.

Data integrity

MLSs are key to maximizing data integrity through compliance teams and systems responsible for the development, monitoring and enforcement of business rules. REdistribute builds on this integrity by tracking core metrics for data accuracy, completeness and consistency.

Solutions across industries

REdistribute is optimized for many use cases, including:

Automated Valuation Models (AVMs)

Match & Append Services

Fraud Monitoring

Portfolio Management

Predictive Analytics

Find out more about how REdistribute can help your business

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Technical information

For more details on REdistribute’s data dictionary and API, please consult our documentation.

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A growing collaboration

REdistribute’s data is powered by a a rapidly expanding network of MLS organizations across the United States